DutchAdblockList and ABPindo updates

DutchAdblockList, authored by Famlam, a contributor to Adblock for Chrome, has been a recognised subscription for a little over a year now. However, we have been impressed by the filter list, which caters for Dutch-language domains, and are therefore please to announce our affiliation with the subscription, which may be either viewed or installed from the homepage. Furthermore, after a review of the combination by myself and Fanboy, the subscription has been granted recommended status in Adblock Plus, which means that it will be the default selection for Dutch users.

If you want to provide feedback about DutchAdblockList, including by reporting adverts or problems, please use the Adblock Plus issue reporter or open an issue in the Google project page.

In other news, the affiliated subscription ABPindo, designed for Indonesian-language websites, has also been granted recommended status recently and now has its own section in the EasyList forums for feedback.