Ads on are no longer blocked

Video ads on show up before the actual video starts.
  • any other page where Hulu videos are embedded
Hulu videos on external sites are embedded in a HTML frame (example: While the video ads on Hulu itself can still be blocked (a countdown shows up instead of a video ad), embedded videos on external sites will no longer play unless videa ads are allowed. This forced us to add specific whitelists for these ads.
Solution (Firefox only!):
Unfortunately, there is no way to block the ads on Hulu and allow them on external sites as the latter are embedded in a HTML frame. If you do not watch Hulu video on external sites, you can disable the whitelists and still watch videos on without ads. Here is a step-by-step instruction how to disable them:
  1. Click on the "ABP" icon in Firefox (it is most likely in the left corner at the bottom) and choose "Filter preferences...".
  2. Click on this button on the right.
  3. Click on the "Find" button that appeared on the top.
  4. Type and disable these two exception rules @@||*.flv and @@||*.mp4 by unticking them like shown in this screenshot.
  5. Close the filter preferences window of Adblock Plus.