Ads caused by malware or adware extensions or plugins

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Ads caused by malware or adware extensions or plugins on your computer will not be fixed by EasyList. If you arrived at this page for other reasons than curiosity about this blog, it is likely that a list author send you here because your computer is infected with such an extension or plugin.

Please check all your extensions and plugins by disabling them one-by-one, restarting the browser each time after you did so, until the strange behaviour or ads are gone. In that case, the extension/plugin you disabled last is bad and should be removed. You can remove suspicious/unwanted extensions/plugins directly of course. Virus scanners often do not find such extensions or plugins!

It's also recommended to scan your computer with any of these removal tools, even if you have found the responsible extension or plugin in the previous step to make sure there are no left-overs on your system:

Also, to prevent such issues in the future: the next time you install an extension/plugin, consider if you really need it and if the site looks trustworthy. That will save you a lot of trouble in the future and likely keeps your browsing faster too. Apart from that, always download software from the software developers' website. Also, when asked so during the installation of any kind of software, do not install any additional toolbars, coupon notifiers, shopping widgets, etc. they offer.

Additional information can be found in this troubleshooting guide from Mozilla Support and

If not resolved, you can seek assistance on specialized forums such as :