Issues with Yavli Advertising

Some sites have been insisting in showing "Native Advertising" namely a organisation called Yavli advertsing.

Yavli advertising has kept changing their domains and elements to avoid being caught in EasyList and this become too frequent. So we have had to take extraordinary steps to avoid the list being flooded with hundreds of Yavli domains. The only option was to block third-party images and scripts on these domains who use Yavli advertising: ... (Full list of domains affected in the post)

While it does resolve 90% of the Yavli issues, the downside of this change for the web developers that it will break any analytics used on the site. If you're a web developer of any of these sites, we're happy to remove any filters related to your site if Yavli Advertising is removed from your site.

We'll endeavor to keep up the blocking of Yavli Advertising. So if there are any sites we've haven't fixed or major issues on these selected sites, let us know.