The new EasyList website is here!

Welcome to the new EasyList website! Our website hasn't changed in nearly over 6 years, so it was about time to update it and get rid of some stuff. Both, the blog environment "Zine" and CMS "Anwiki", also haven't been updated in years.

As you can see not too much has changed. Some obsolete content was removed, some was updated to reflect the current state. The layout is pretty much the same as on the old homepage. We got rid of the comments functionality in blog articles. It wasn't a really popular feature, people tend to report issues with our filter lists there and it was also abused for spam. We might think about a sub-forum as a replacement for comments if there is any demand though. "Other Supplementary Filter Lists and EasyList Variants" were moved to a dedicated page to unclutter the main page. Soon we are going to add more information to all lists such as hompage and contact links there.

As you probably already saw, the page is hosted on GitHub. So if you would like to contribute to the homepage, you can create a pull request here. The site itself is generated by Pelican which is a static site generator powered by Python. The theme is by Smashing Magazine and was lightly modified. All in all it's pretty straightforward and easy to use since you can find a lot of documentation.

Speaking of GitHub: we also want to announce that we are going to move the hosting of our EasyList repositories completely to GitHub as well soon. We are very grateful that we were allowed to use Adblock Plus' infrastructure in the past but it's time for the EasyList project to move on.